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CRS Overview

Health care is an expensive affair in India where two-thirds of the population live on Rs. 176/day. This makes health care a far fetched dream.

Catheters intend for single use can be reused without putting patients at increased risk if effective cleaning, sterilizing and quality control procedures are adhered to. Manual cleaning of catheters put the patients at a great risk of cross contamination. IDPL has come up with a state of the art machine, CRS,cleans the catheter and make them safe to sterilize prior use. This not only eliminates the risk of infections but also cuts down the cost of catheters thereby making health care safe, affordable & accessible for all.

Our Team

Incredible Devices is a Govt of India (DIPP) certified medical devices startup with a mission to make Healthcare SAFE, AFFORDABLE & ACCESSIBLE for all; irrespective of Patients social status, economic class and geographical reach.
8/10 Cardiovascular patient dies because of unaffordable healthcare and Incredible Devices invention CRS saves lives by reducing treatment.

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