Healthcare Challenge

According to WHO, 17.9 million people die each year from Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), an estimated 31% of all deaths worldwide. Over 3 out of 4 deaths take place in low- and middle-income countries.

Catheters are used in treating CVD and contributes around 10-55% of overall treatment cost.

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Manually Cleaned Catheters

Hospitals clean catheters manually, but as per International Journal of Current Microbiology & Applied Sciences, 72% manually cleaned catheters are found positive with blood, clots or debris whereas failure rate with automated reprocessor is only 0.7% (p value: <0.005).

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Catheter Reprocessing System, CRS

A Govt. Of India empowered initiative to make Healthcare Safe, Affordable and Accessible without compromising patient safety.

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Catheter Reprocessing System

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi says, “We do not need acts, but action”, IDPL has brought to life a revolutionary Made in India product, CRS, that strives to make health care safe, affordable and accessible for all.

Catheter Reprocessing System (CRS) is an automatic computer guided Catheter cleaning machine with inbuilt self-testing and calibration which ensures best cleaning of catheter. CRS inbuilt computer stringently monitors every process and effectively cleans catheters with precision and accuracy. This is not possible with conventional method. It also eliminates all kind of human error.

Computer Guided

With inbuilt self-testing and calibration to ensure best cleaning.
Patent applied cleaning process

Fully Automatic

Plug & Forget Technology.
Just connect catheters and Press Start.
CRS takes care of rest.

Wide range of Catheters

the Smart software can clean almost all kinds of catheters ranging from cardio, neuro, interventional radiology, endoscopy etc.

Very Fast, Save Time, Reduce Cost

CRS can reprocess upto 12 catheters with efficiency & accuracy within minutes

How does CRS works

CRS uses a unique patent applied 24 stage process comprising of 4 kinds of cleaning technique:

Multi Enzyme Cleaning

CRS uses multi enzyme solution to breakdown blood components into simpler byproducts.
A smart algorithm provides ample time & surface area to enzymes to bind with blood components.

Powerful Water Jet

CRS flushes catheter with computer regulated high pressure waterjet. It is not possible with manual cleaning. It cleans catheter using scientifically developed technique which combines Turbulent, Streamline & Micro pulsating flow. Computer regulated system ensures integrity of Catheters and increase its life

360 Degree Cleaning

CRS ensures complete cleaning of catheters. It not only cleans the surface of the catheter but also effectively cleans the lumen.
Lumen cleaning is the toughest and impossible to clean through manual flushing

Water Harvesting

Unique technique which consumes only 7 litres of fresh water but it recirculates that water to flush catheter multiple times, equivalent to 90 litres of water flushing.

Our Team

Incredible Devices is a Govt of India (DIPP) certified medical devices startup with a mission to make Healthcare SAFE, AFFORDABLE & ACCESSIBLE for all; irrespective of Patients social status, economic class and geographical reach.
8/10 Cardiovascular patient dies because of unaffordable healthcare and Incredible Devices invention CRS saves lives by reducing treatment.

Our Partners

We are proud to have partnered with World’s Premier Organisations in this noble endeavour such as Govt. of India (TDB), Social Alpha (A Tata Trusts Initiative), IIT KANPUR, DBS, Marico Innovation Foundation & Millennium alliance(An alliance of World Bank, US AID, UK AID, UK Govt, Govt of India, Facebook, ICCO & FICCI).

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